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Dust Skirt Floor sander

Dust Skirt Floor sander

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Dust skirt for a cleaner working environment

Do you need to keep your work area clean and dust free while sanding? Our dust skirt is the perfect solution for reducing dust and particles during floor sanding projects. Designed to fit our floor sander as well as the Tomcat Edge.

Why Choose Our Dustskirt?

  1. Fit and Compatibility : Designed specifically for our own floor sander and Tomcat Edge for easy installation.
  2. Effective Dust Collection : Reduces dust and particles in the air, resulting in a cleaner work environment.
  3. Durable Construction : Made of durable materials for long-term use and reliable dust collection throughout the project.
  4. User-friendly Design : Easy to assemble.

Optimize Your Grinding Projects with a Cleaner Work Environment

Create a healthy and productive work environment with our reliable dust skirt. Choose our dust skirt for an affordable, cleaner and more efficient sanding experience.

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