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Polish pad 485x330mm

Polish pad 485x330mm

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White Polishing Pad: Make your floors shine with our white polishing pad. Perfect for light polishing and finishing, this pad effectively removes small scratches and imperfections. Give your surfaces a high-gloss finish with the soft and efficient white polishing pad.

Red Polishing Pad: Enhance the gloss of your floors with our red polishing pad. Versatile and effective, this pad evens out small scratches and swirls for a smooth surface. Use it to enhance the appearance of various floor coatings and achieve a professional finish.

Blue Polishing Pad: Evenly apply polish and wax with our blue polishing pad. Its medium-hard surface makes it ideal for spreading products evenly across the surface for a deep, glossy finish. Achieve a professional look and improve the appearance of your surfaces with the effective blue polishing pad.

Green Polishing Pad: Combat stubborn stains and restore shine with our green polishing pad. The rough surface effectively removes dirt, stains, and oxidation to restore the surface to its best condition. Use it to clean and renew your floors with the professional green polishing pad.

Brown Polishing Pad: Prepare the surface for polishing with our brown polishing pad. Aggressive and effective, this pad removes deep scratches and marks for a smooth surface. Use it to prepare the surface for subsequent treatments and achieve the best results.

Black Polishing Pad: Restore old and worn surfaces with our black polishing pad. The most aggressive pad in our range effectively removes deep scratches and wear to restore the surface to its former condition. Use it to restore the gloss on your surfaces and improve their appearance.

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