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Sandpaper 350 x 500 mm

Sandpaper 350 x 500 mm

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High-quality sanding paper for sanding all types of wooden floors

Looking for reliable sandpaper for your sanding projects? Our high-quality sandpaper is engineered to provide long-lasting performance and a smooth finish on all surfaces. Compatible with both our grinder and Tomcat Edge.

Why Choose Our Sandpaper?

  1. High Durability : Made with a focus on long-term use, which minimizes the need for frequent replacement.
  2. Versatility : Fits perfectly with our own sander as well as the Tomcat Edge for various sanding projects.
  3. Various Grits : Available in several grits to meet different grinding needs and to achieve the desired surface finish.

Available Grain Sizes:

  • K24
  • K40
  • K60
  • K80
  • K100
  • K120
  • K180
  • K240

Optimize Your Grinding Projects

Whether you need rough removal of material or fine finishing of surfaces, our sandpaper gives you the versatility and performance you need to get the job done. Choose the right grain size for your project and achieve professional results every time with our high-quality sandpaper.

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